Does 2016 mark the end of “Digital Marketing”?

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Does 2016 mark the end of “Digital Marketing”?

Does 2016 mark the end of “Digital Marketing”?

Brad Jakeman, the CEO of Pepsico, recently said that “There is no such thing as digital marketing. There is marketing – most of which happens to be digital.”

We at BrandVoice agree. There has definitely been a backlash against the term “digital marketing” over the last few years, We demoted it from our principle proposition and service offer some time ago. We still identify it as a service primarily to reassure clients that we do indeed still deliver these vital skills. We consider “digital marketing” to be simply marketing in our modern world, just as e-commerce is just commerce. Technology will continue to rapidly evolve and it is our job to stay abreast of this on behalf of our clients in order to best advise them. However creative thinking and great execution – regardless of the medium in which it is delivered – is what they pay us for and this is where our true value lies. It is our view that the term “digital agency” will soon be seen as an anachronism – if it isn’t already – as all creative and marketing agencies must have technological skills in order to work across today’s media landscape.

The Media Landscape

So where does this leave us when describing what we do and how we do it? I think that we were nearer the mark in the late 20th century when we were describing what we did as “integrated marketing” or “integrated communications” – for that read joined-up thinking and smart execution. This term was used to describe agencies that combined branding and advertising with promotional activity via direct mail, electronic and printed, sales promotion (now often described as shopper marketing) with a dash of PR. With the arrival of super fast broadband and the onset of smart phones and tablets marketing has evolved even further. However, it remains true that at the heart of this lies a clear understanding of customer behaviour and that providing integrated strategic and creative solutions is the best way to engage them – online and on land.

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