How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

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How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Following recent changes to Google’s algorythm, known as Panda and other cute little names for messing with honest hard working on-line marketeers I have become aware of a number of courses offering so called “Black Hat” ways to beat Google. Forget it. This is just opportunistic nonsense designed to fleece the inexperienced. You CAN”T beat Google. They can change their toy anytime they they want to. The only way to get free traffic from them is to give them what they want.

  • Here are a few simple rules that will immediately get Google to like your site:
  • Don’t use duplicate or low quality content
  • Establish your site as an authority site in area of interest
  • Increase the time visitors spend on your site with better content
  • Increase social media engagement on your site
  • Increase social media mentions of your site on other social sites
  • Build higher quality incoming links (AKA backlinks)
  • The other thing to do is DON’T rely on Google!

Don’t rely solely on Google. Facebook gets more traffic anyway! Instagram (part of Facebook) has become the new go to place for driving traffic. Facebook’s eco-system is one huge viral marketing channel and Facebook’s search engine will no doubt challenge Google’s dominance before too much longer. Google loves to see people talking about your site on Facebook and the more chatter you get on Facebook, the higher you can actually rank in Google. Google also loves Facebook fan pages and ranks them highly if you give them a little help.

Build quality backlinks.
Why? Because Google loves backlinks. Article marketing is a great way to build some great quality back links. Despite what you may have heard articles still work really well despite recent Google updates (Panda etc). You can leverage free traffic from other sites by posting your articles on them and increase your own site rankings by using articles as a source of incoming links

Build your brand with article marketing: Become an authority.
Start by writing a blog. Blogs are a great way to get free traffic! WordPress is a great platform. Use broad keyword phrases for your domain, more focused broad keywords for your categories, and long tail keywords for your post titles, and your wp tags. And don’t forget to use plugins to enhance the SEO friendliness of your blogs.
Everything you do online should be tied into a blog in some way!
Use video. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world! Guess what? Google loves video (they own YouTube) and Youtube is the top site in the world by far for video. Here are a few stats to think about:
3 Billion views a day
70% of Youtube traffic is Non US
Some people are making over 6 figures a year by just allow Youtube to post ads on their videos…

One last thing to remember though, organic traffic is NOT really FREE. You must invest your time (and often money) in generating and posting your content.

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