New brand creation for Aara’s Foods

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New brand creation for Aara’s Foods

Following a meeting at a brand workshop run by BrandVoice on behalf of Brunel University’s Co-Innovate programme the agency worked with founder and CEO Alia Arain on the brand strategy for Aara’s Foods, crafting the proposition and positioning and creating a distinctive “brand voice” for the brand that works across all areas of communication.

The brand identity and packaging features Aara and her beloved toy named Bunny and follows their culinary adventures around the world. The website is also based on the brand story and imagery created by BrandVoice. Alia says for the process “Brandvoice has worked hard to encapsulate my vision, and I’m ecstatic with the outcome!”

Aar's Foods brand identity

Aara’s Foods is on a mission to “lead a revolution in baby food by bringing ethically sourced, fresh, appetising and wholesome food to the next generation!” says founder and CEO Alia Arain. The objective of the brand is to ease the transition from baby food to adult solids by providing a real taste experience for young children underpinned with 100% organic, fresh wholesome ingredients ethically sourced in the UK. Her goal is to help parents educate their children’s’ palettes from a very early age to avoid fussy eating later on.

Aara's Foods

Alia’s inspiration is her young daughter Aara after whom she named the brand. Although a full time working mum, Alia cooked Aara’s meals from scratch every day to ensure that her daughter got the necessary nutritional benefit of properly prepared organic ingredients using traditional family recipes handed down from Alia’s Grandmother to Alia’s mum and now to Alia. One day whilst on a playdate, one of Aara’s friends, a very fussy eater who’s Mum had forgotten to bring his lunch, “absolutely demolished” one of Alia’s recipes. His Mum was ecstatic and the seed of an idea was planted. Alia explains more in here video below:

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