Paul Davies, Co-Innovate Operations Manager: Client testimonial
“Trevor Bradford and Bill Wallsgrove from BrandVoice helped Co-Innovate / Brunel University deliver a successful series of workshops in February 2014 which were both skilfully put together, taking participating businesses through a journey of discovery, and which were well received by our invited delegate audience.

The series of two workshops were marketed as:

Workshop 1 titled: ‘Building Brands in The Digital Space’
Helping businesses get their brand in shape to exploit social, web and mobile channels. The workshops will help you identify the key elements that should underpin your future digital strategy using real world examples from BrandVoice’s past experience including how they built and launched their own online paint retail brand, Colour&

Workshop 2 titled: ‘The new opportunities for brand innovation for the food and drinks sector’
Brand innovation is a key success factor in winning business in the food & drink sector. The rapid emergence of new digital technologies and the proliferation of competitors and new customer channels simply compound this challenge. This workshop will demonstrate the why’s and how’s of brand innovation for food & drink sector businesses. Brand Voice, a leading UK branding consultancy, will explain the new rules for brand innovation, highlighting through real life examples how businesses from startup to larger SMEs can innovate their brand and achieve a real point of difference.

Some of the feedback we received:

‘Well put together and interesting’

‘Thoroughly useful and enjoyable, thank you’

‘Really enjoyed it, the presenters were excellent’

We would have no hesitation in asking Trevor and Bill to present for us again.”

Ian Ferris an Innovation Director at Brunel University talks about the Co-Innovate programme:

Visit the Co-Innovate web site.

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