Sky and AEG joined forces in 2009.  The rationale was simple, entertainment was at the core of the two companies business. Sky, at that point was all about “in home” entertainment, AEG was all about “out of home entertainment”.

As Sky’s offering broadened with the launch of new products and new exclusive content, so did the partnership with the teams both agreeing measurable KPI’s and an annual programme to deliver them. This combined with an annual evaluation of the assets and rights allows both parties to ensure they are being maximised and measured.skystudios

Strategically at its core the Sky/ The O2 partnership delivers amazing exclusive benefits for Sky customers and great customers experiences for anyone who visits The O2. In a competitive market customer loyalty is key, at The O2 Sky customers get the VIP treatment with exclusive access to Sky Backstage bar.Sky is known for its news and sports.

Sky Studios at The O2 Studios offers all visitors the opportunity to experience this first hand by allowing them to read the news or sports headlines in a fully equipped news studio. The physical experience is extended into the digital world as visitors can share this content with their friends and family. For more information on partner marketing and brand sponsorship contact us at or call us on 020 8747 1167

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