What most social media gurus don’t tell you about ROI

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What most social media gurus don’t tell you about ROI

I am often asked by both prospective clients and longstanding clients alike “how do we make our social media marketing work? We are posting regularly but don’t seem to get results or return on time invested – what’s the secret?”. The simple answer is that if you are still using social media with a push marketing mindset then it will fall short of your hopes and expectations. It’s a bit like barging into a conversation and immediately doing a hard sell – not very sociable. It’s all about relationships and sharing – 90% of customers / clients trust peer recommendations. That’s why Google include social sharing as a ranking factor for organic search.

That said, there is another part to the puzzle and one that is often overlooked: the objective of social media marketing is to build trust so that customers will join your prospect list. THAT’S IT. I am amazed by how many social media gurus leave this bit out! This is where we get our ROI on the time that we have invested. Building your database / list must be the primary focus of your marketing activity, so that you can take the conversation off the social platform and build a direct one to one relationship with your customer. The key thing to remember is to provide real value at every interaction whether via social media platforms or email. Put another way – help people solve their problems. Be prepared to give great value content away to build the relationship over time. This creates trust that you are actually an authority in your market and someone with whom they are willing to do business.

Regardless of how we engage our customers, our objective is to be perceived as an authority in the area that we have chosen. Publishing your content in the form of an ebook can really drive your awareness and credibility. Using the Kindle publishing platform (and Apple’s Newstand) can be very beneficial as customers trust a published author. Obviously, the content can include links to your web site and products/services. Amazon is the biggest retailer of books in the world selling more ebooks than hard copy and what’s more Kindle users buy 3x more titles than anyone else. You can also give away free copies of your ebook to build your list.

So the secret is that the return on investment from social medial comes from email marketing.

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